The Journal of Julius Rodman – Being an Account of the First Passage Across the Rocky Mountains of North America Ever Achieved by Civilized Man

This book contains Edgar Allan Poe’s 1840 serial novel, The Journal of Julius Rodman.

It is the fictionalised chronicle of an unprecedented journey across the the Rocky Mountains in 1792. It describes a series of baffling events, novel vicissitudes, and gruelling travails experienced by no man previously. This book is highly recommended for fans of Poe’s work, and would make for a fantastic addition to any collection.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1849) was an American author, editor, poet, and critic. Most famous for his stories of mystery and horror, he was one of the first American short story writers, and is widely considered to be the inventor of the detective fiction genre.

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Extract from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Journal of Julius Rodman:

“June the fourth. Early this morning, Frank and Poindexter Greely came into our camp with a fat buck, upon which we all breakfasted in high glee, and afterwards pushed on with spirit. At the Diable rapid, the current sets with much force against some rocks which jut out from the south, and render the navigation difficult. A short distance above this we met with several quicksand bars, which put us to trouble; the banks of the river here fall in continually, and, in the process of time, must greatly alter the bed. At eight o ’clock we had a fine fresh wind from the eastward, and, with its assistance, made rapid progress, so that by night we had gone perhaps thirty miles, or more. We passed, on the north, the river Du Bois, a creek called Charité, and several small islands. The river was rising fast as we came to, at night, under a group of cotton-wood trees, there being no ground near at hand upon which we were disposed to encamp. It was beautiful weather, and I felt too much excited to sleep; so, asking Thornton to accompany me, I took a stroll into the country, and did not return until nearly daylight.”


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Through republishing works such as ‘The Journal of Julius Rodman’, it is hoped that the writing of this author of mystery and the macabre, can continue to delight – almost two centuries after its initial publication.